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The Ultimate Worthy Cause









  An Easily 


 Otherwise Inevitable

Water Disaster

is about to devastate

California, the Nation, and

The Profits of Every Corporation

and Every Business in the Entire Country.










Concept Overview

If a major earthquake occurs in or near San Francisco before a storm-surge barrier is built in the Carquinez Strait, that earthquake will trigger a chain of extremely destructive events.  

For Example, here's  step four  in that chain of events: 

25 million people,
thousands of farms, and
hundreds of thousands of businesses
in Central and Southern California will be without
their major source of fresh water for about two years.    

If we continue to do nothing, at the end of this chain of events, we will find ourselves in a severe, national, financial depression.  

***   The problem has and incredibly simple solution.  
***   The money is available to pay all construction costs.   
***   Unfortunately, the mainstream media and those who
         could solve this problem are intentionally ignoring it.   

Help us make the people aware of this problem.  

      Before disaster strikes,
             help us create
                  the Prevention Solution!    












The Problem    &    The Solution


***  We, each of us, all of us,  are facing the same choice: 
        Disaster  or  Joy & Abundance. 

***  Do nothing chooses Disaster.  

***  Prevent the California Water Disaster and
         you choose Joy & Abundance.   

<><><>   <><><>

We Have a Simple, Effective, and Permanent Solution. 

That solution is to build a storm-surge barrier in the
Carquinez Strait and pay for its construction
with Debt-Free Money directly from the
United States Treasury.   

<><><>   <><><>    

Before we get into details regarding the solution and the huge number of benefits that will come from this simple action, let's first explain the problem. 

The Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River Inland-Delta Area is only a few miles East of San Francisco.   It's the source of fresh water for the California Aqueduct.   Much of this area is 15 feet or more below sea level.     

***  The California Aqueduct delivers fresh water from this inland-delta-area to 25 million people, thousands of farms and hundreds of thousands of businesses in  Central and Southern California.  

***   A Storm-Surge-Barrier is essential in the Carquinez Strait to protect this 1,100-square-mile, inland, river, delta area from being suddenly flooded by salty ocean water.  

***  Without this barrier, the area will be devastated by the next 6.7 or larger earthquake in or near San Francisco.   

Fresh Water for
25 Million People,
Thousands of Farms
Hundreds of Thousands of Businesses 

in Central & Southern California
Will Be Shut Off for About Two Years
while repairs are made.  

Devastation     Devastation  

***    A major San Francisco area earthquake will cause
         tens of thousands of people in the delta area
         to die, be injured, and/or lose their homes.  
         Link to Supporting Evidence   

***  It will cost California,  its counties, its cities,
         and the people, billions of dollars
         in expenses and lost revenues.  

***  It will cost businesses and corporations
         millions of dollars, or hundreds of millions,
         and for some corporations,
         even billions of dollars in lost profits.   

***  It will have a huge impact on the entire nation.   
         Millions of people will lose their jobs.    

***  It will dramatically reduce the nation's food supply.  

***  It will devastate the already-fragile national economy.   

If this disaster is allowed to happen, there are two additional problem that will make the consequences even more devastating: 
        1)   California is experiencing one of
               the worst droughts ever, and
        2)   The major water corporations
              are draining already-extremely-low,
              California reservoirs and selling the water
             in toxic, plastic, water bottles.

The Bottom Line:  
We have two choices:  
Choice One: 

Do nothing and allow nation to fall into a Severe, Economic Depression that will likely last for decades.   Your children and grandchildren will experience untold grief and misery.  Many will die prematurely.  

Choice Two:  

Prevent this easily-preventable  otherwise-inevitable disaster from happening.








Why This Problem Has Not Been Solved



Those who could avert/avoid this disaster are doing absolutely nothing to prevent it.   Who is standing in the way?   The Wall Street, Cabal Criminal Bankers and the government officials that they control.  

They will only take action when public pressure demands it.  Why are they refusing to solve this problem?   Because issuing Debt-Free Money directly from the United States Treasury will take control of the nation's money supply out of the hands of the Criminal Cabal Bankers.   Debt-Free Money, will not only prevent the California Water Disaster,  it will solve every one of the nation's major financial problems.   It will permanently and forever get rid of the Federal Reserve and the Cabal criminals who presently own and control the nation's financial system.     








Financially Free   ...    Financially Free

How to Be Financially Free



Here's How Simply
The Nation's Financial Mess Can Be Solved  

The President directs the secretary of the treasury to mint a 150 million-dollar platinum coin.   The coin is deposited in the government's equivalent of your checking  account.  

The President then directs that money to be used exclusively for building a storm surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait at the north end of San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay).   He follows the same procedure to pay for every other major infrastructure project in the entire nation.  

This Prevents the California Water Disaster from Happening
It solves the Unemployment Problem. 
It Repairs the Entire Nation's Infrastructure.
It opens the door to solving every one of
the nation's twenty-five major financial problems.  









Simple-Solution    ...     Simple-Solution

A  Simple,  Effective,  Permanent  Solution



TLC-Life-Center and the California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Foundation (CAHR) have traced this problem back to its Root Cause.   The solution we found is so simple and so incredibly wonderful that it borders on the unbelievable.  

We have found a simple, easy to use, very efficient, money generating solution to this problem.  

<><><>   <><><>

(Ideally with $250,000)   but with as little as $95,000 in start-up money, TLC-Life-Center and the
California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Foundation

can set the solution into motion and
create so much publicity
that this otherwise-inevitable disaster will be prevented

<><><>    <><><>

We offer
The Debt-Free Money Solution.

It not only
       Prevents the California Water Disaster,
       Solves 25, of the Nation's Major Financial Problems,  

It opens the door to
Planetary Transitions & Transformations --
transformations that are profound beyond profound.    

<><><>   <><><>

We can't prevent natural disasters, but by being prepared, we can minimize their damage.   Building a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait will prevent a local problem from becoming a national disaster







Your-Job  ...    Your-Job

Our Job   //  Your Job  //  The Results



Our Job:   Our job is to publicize the problem and its solution.   Our job is to push, pressure, shame, and demand that the President issue Debt-Free Money directly form the United States Treasury to pay for building the Storm-Surge Barrier in the Carquinez Strait.      

Your Job:   Your job is to connect us to the person or corporation that will provide us with the start up money.  If and when you connect us to a donor, you will receive a substantial finder's fee.     

The Results:    The results will not only prevent the California Water Disaster, it will open the door to solving every one of the nation's major financial problems.  

Two Examples: 
***  Debt-Free Money can and will
         end the unemployment problem.  
***  Debt-Free Money can and will pay for rebuilding
         the entire nation's infrastructure.     

Our Request:  
***  Please send the message below to the President.  
***  Please share this web page with your family and friends. 
***  Ask them to also send this message below to the President.  
<><><>    <><><>


We encourage, support, and demand that
The President of the United States  

issue debt-free money directly
from the United States Treasury

and use that money for the express purpose of
and only for

preventing the California Water Disaster  and for
repairing the nation's infrastructure.        












References // Supporting Evidence



The 25 Major Benefits of issuing Debt-Free Money directly form the United States Treasury.   
<><><>   <><><> 

Batkid & Batman Prevent California Water Disaster    
How to  put this plan into action  
<><><>   <><><>   

Resistance  --  Action  --  Solution       
Getting beyond the refusal of politicians to  take action  
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